Patrol Evidence

Patrol evidence enhances your companies patrols with tasks for your personnel to perform at checkpoints.

Evidence can be:

  • Checkbox

  • Text

  • Take a photo

  • Record audio

When a person scans the checkpoint they will be shown a dialogue informing them what needs to be collected

Once they have collected the information required they can hit ‘resolve’ to finish and move on

How do I use it?

Create, or edit, your patrol as usual however once you have specified your checkpoints you are now able to add evidence to that checkpoint.

  1. Press the button in the patrol route overview table

2. Select the type of evidence and type a description for the user to see

3. Then save the patrol and you are good to go.


To see the evidence required for a checkpoint

  1. Select the Patrol and view the detail panel. The '>' shows if a checkpoint has evidence

2. Click on the '>' to see what is required




Patrols are marked as incomplete if the evidence is not collected or any checkpoint is not scanned

By opening the pdf of the patrol the user can see the evidence collected

How do I download the report?


  1. Select the patrol under ‘Reporting View’.

2. Click on the download button on the right hand side of ‘Patrol Details’.

  1. Click on the download button again beside the printer icon at the top right hand corner to download the pdf file of the report.


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