Business Clients

What is a Business Client?


Business Client's are your contractual customers that you provide services to. Creating them allows you to add and site If you wish to have your client's representative notified in real-time of events then add them as a contact and get them to install SRM-Customer.

Why do I need them?

Business Clients are used to group incident reports and to create Sites. They usually ask for reports to ensure you and your company are performing the work that you are contracted for.

Creating Business Clients

A Business Client is created on the

  1. Go to the Managerial View

Only Managers and Account Holders can access this view.


2. Select the Business Client tab

3. Click the Add button


4. Fill in the mandatory information (marked with an '*')

If you create a New Contact, the person will receive an email to set up their SRM-Customer account.

5. Hit the save button!


You should now see your newly created Business Client in the list and will be able to select them when creating Sites and Patrols.

Editing the Business Client

A Business Client is edited from the Business Client Detail panel.

  1. Go to the Managerial View

  2. Open the Business Client Tab

  3. Select the Business Client you wish to edit

4. Select the edit button on the detail panel

5. Change the fields you wish to update

6. Hit the save button!



Business Clients are archived from the edit panel. Archiving will remove the Business Client from use. It will prevent you from selecting this Business Client for sites and patrols.


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