Assigning Assets

What is Assigning Assets?


Assigning assets allows you to provide your and with assets required for them to perform their operational tasks.

Why should I Assign Assets?

To identify who is currently using your companies equipment.

Assigning Assets

Assets are Assigned to responders and guards. An asset may be:

  • of a type that requires handover

  • of a type that requires qualification

  • in a status that does not allow assignment

In assets can be assigned from the


In assets can be assigned from the asset tab.


Select the asset you wish to assign and click Assign in the detail view.


A handover is a company procedure that is performed to ensure the condition of the asset.

When the asset is assigned a confirmation dialogue for both involved parties is provided to note that they have performed the handover and accept (or reject) the condition of the asset.

On assigning an accepted asset will transition to in use, while a rejected asset will become unavailable.



Assets Types may require a qualification to be assigned ( who do not have the appropriate qualification will not be available to select when assigning assets.

Asset Status

All assets have statuses that inform you of their availability and what actions you can perform

  • Unregistered - Only Phones are unregistered, perform to make it available

  • Unavailable - Cannot be used or assigned. Select the asset and you can ‘Make Available’

  • Available - Ready to be assigned to a user

  • Deploying - The receiver of the asset has not confirmed handover

  • In Use - Currently being used by personnel.

  • Returning - The returned item has not been confirmed as being returned in good condition by the Supervisor, Manager, or Account Holder

  • Archived - the asset is no longer needed in the company.

Requesting return

On the Asset detail panel on the the user can select request return. A notification will be sent to the personnel who is currently using the asset asking them to return it.

Only the person using the item can return it.

If an asset is stuck ‘In Use' you can always make it unavailable and then return it to the available status. This will unassign the asset from the user.


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