Managing My Subscription

What is my subscription?


Your subscription is how you get access to Security Risk Manager and the suite of products. It is based on your selected tier and additional resources you have set up.

Understanding my charges

You can find our current pricing plans here:

Your monthly invoice is charged on your billing cycle. Your billing cycle is based on the day your subscription was approved by Security Risk.

Each cycle:

  • you are charged in advance for your monthly subscription.

  • you are charged for the highest number of extras that occurred in that month.


Each tier has an included number of:

  • Sentry Log ins (registered phones)

  • Responders

  • Supervisors/Managers

  • Sites

For each resource that is above the included number you are charged an extra. e.g. Basic Tier allows for 3 supervisors, if at any time during the billing cycle you have more than 3 active (not archived) supervisors or managers you will be charged extra.

Manage my costs

There are 2 ways to manage your costs:

  1. Manage your resources

  2. Edit your subscription

Managing my resources

By ensuring you archive any of the chargeable resources that you are not using you can minimise your expenses.

The will receive emails when additional charges will occur.

Editing my subscription

Your subscription can be edited on the .

  1. Go to the Account View

2. Select the edit button in the plans section

3. Select the plan you wish to change to

Upgrading plans will change your billing cycle.

Downgrading your plan will occur at the end of the billing cycle.

4. Hit the save button!

 Paying My Bill

If you do not have a valid credit card you will have 7 days to rectify this. Once the week is up your account will be deactivated.

Your subscription can be edited on the .

  1. Go to the Account View

2. Select the edit button in the billing section

3. Add your credit card details

Security Risk uses the Stripe payment platform. We do not store your credit card information on our system.

4. Hit the Add button!


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