What is a Site?

A Site is a location owned by a Business Client. It is added to the system to allow the operational management of tasks and incident reporting in relation to it.

Why do I need them?

Sites are used for SRM-Sentry and to assign your Guards to perform operational tasks. They are used to:

  • Manage patrols;

  • Group incidents; and

  • Filter reports.

Creating Sites

Sites belong to your Business Clients. You can create new Business Clients in the site creation process.

  1. Go to the Managerial View

Only Managers and Account Holders can access this view.


2. Select the Site tab

3. Click the Add button

4. Fill in the mandatory information (marked with an '*')

Drawing Locations

Editing Sites

A Site is edited from the Site Detail panel.

  1. Go to the Managerial View

  2. Open the Site Tab

  3. Select the Site you wish to edit

4. Select the edit button on the detail panel

5. Change the fields you wish to update

6. Hit the save button!



Sites are archived in the edit panel. Archiving Sites will prevent them from being used for patrols and assigning guards.

When you archive a site it will archive all the patrols and un-assign all the guards at the site.

Archived phones will also be removed from your subscription (

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