What is a Zone?

A Zone is an area added to the map to notify users of potential hazards that they need to be aware of.

Why do I need them?

Zones are optional to add to the system. However they can provide information and context to ensure your customers and personnel can make informed decisions about keeping safe.

Creating a Zone

A zones is created on the or the

  1. Go to the Account or Managerial View

  2. Select the Zone tab

3. Click the Add button

4. Fill in the mandatory information (marked with an '*')

5. Hit the save button!


You should now see your newly created Zone in the list and be able to see them on the and in, and

Editing a Zone

A Zone is edited from the Zone Detail panel.

  1. Go to the Managerial View or Account View

  2. Open the Zone Tab

  3. Select the Zone you wish to edit

4. Select the edit button on the detail panel

5. Change the fields you wish to update


6. Hit the save button!



Zones are archived from the edit panel. Archiving will remove the Zone from use.

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