Ad-Hoc Patrols

What is an Ad-Hoc Patrol?


Ad hoc patrols are simply that have been assigned to a user from rather than scheduled.

How do I assign a user to perform a Patrol?

Patrols can be assigned from the or from

  1. Navigate to the Operational View

  2. Select the Personnel you wish to assign to the patrol

Only personnel that have the correct, Site Patrol or Mobile Patrol can be assigned to a patrol.

Additionally can only be assigned to Site Patrols for a Site ( that the guard has been assigned to.

3. From the drop down ‘Assign Patrol’ select the patrol you wish the personnel to perform.

4. Click the Assign button!

You will see a confirmation that the notification was sent. The chosen personnel will receive a notification requesting them to perform the patrol (below).


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