What is a Patrol?


A Patrol is a task performed by or to monitor what is occurring in a location(s). In SRM patrols can be either a Site Patrol or a Mobile Patrol. Patrols can be performed using SRM-Sentry or SRM-Responder.

Why do I need them?

Patrols are created so that you can monitor and report that you have performed them for your

Creating Patrols

Patrol Definitions are created on the

  1. Go to the Managerial View

Only Managers and Account Holders can access this view.

2. Select the Patrol tab

3. Click the Add button


4. Fill in the mandatory information (marked with an '*')

If you create a New Contact for the Site or the Business Client the person will receive an email to set up their SRM-Customer account.


5. Hit the save button!


You should now see your newly created Patrol Definition in the list and be able to:

  • Print out the QR Codes.

  • Assign personnel to perform them.

Scheduling Patrols

Scheduling patrols allows you to notify users that it needs to be performed.

When a Site Patrol is scheduled it will notify all that are:

Mobile patrols do not provide notification reminders but will create an incident report if the patrol is missed.

When creating or editing a patrol you can specify or edit the schedule.


Patrols can be scheduled every day or for specific days of the week

Patrols must have at least 1 day selected to be scheduled.


Patrols can be set to run all day which is 00:00 to 23:55 or you can specify a window.

If the end time is set to before the start time the patrol will be scheduled until the time the next day.

The first patrol for a day will be scheduled at the start time. Then it will be rescheduled after the provided interval. Patrols are not scheduled after the end time for that day.

Expected Duration is used to identify if the patrols are too long or too short (coming soon).

Archiving Patrols

Patrols are archived from the edit panel. Archived patrols will be removed from scheduling.

Patrol Incident Reports

Incident Reports ( are generated so that personnel can be informed that a patrol did not go as planned. The reports generated are:

  • Missed Patrol - a patrol did not start within +/- 5 minutes of the expected start time

  • Incomplete Patrol - a patroller did not scan all QR codes on the patrol



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