Register Phones

Why should I register a Phone?


Registering a phone provides access to It allows to sign in and use the system to perform their operational tasks.

How do I register a Phone?

Firstly a Phone must be created as a new asset ( in the system.

Phones are registered on the

  1. Go to the Managerial View

Only Managers and Account Holders can access this view.

2. Select the phone you want to register

Unregistered phones are shown with an unavailable status


3. Click the generate OTP button


4. Type the OTP into SRM-Sentry


5.SRM-Sentry should transition to the login screen


You should now see your newly registered phone in the list with the status available

How do I unregister a Phone?

Phones are unregistered by:

  1. Archiving the phone (

  2. using the existing asset and registering it to a new physical phone.

How do I reset a Registration?

If the phone loses its state you can always regenerate the OTP to re-register the phone. Simply follow the steps above and hit Regenerate OTP.


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