Operational View

The Operational View is accessible to all SRM-Portal users: the https://securityrisk.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SHD/pages/665846015, https://securityrisk.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SHD/pages/665616577 and https://securityrisk.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SHD/pages/665846032 . It is used to monitor the company's operations.



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    Ad-Hoc Patrols

    Ad hoc patrols are simply Patrols that have been assigned to a user from SRM-Portal rather than scheduled.

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    Assigning Assets

    Assigning assets allows you to provide your Responders and Guards with assets required for them to perform their operational tasks.

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    Incident Reporting

    Incident reporting is the documenting of incidents, and events, in the system that are either required by Customers or to provide information for decision support.

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    The Newsfeed is where users can view all the incident reports and news reports that have been added to the system. Items in the newsfeed are filtered depending on the role of the user and the distribution setting of the report.

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    A Patrol is a task performed by Guards or Responders to monitor what is occurring in a location(s). In SRM patrols can be either a Site Patrol or a Mobile Patrol. Patrols can be performed using SRM-Sentry or SRM-Responder.

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    A Site is a location owned by a Business Client. It is added to the system to allow the operational management of tasks and incident reporting in relation to it.

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    A Visitor is any individual who wishes to enter a Site (Sites) that has visitor management enabled.

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