Account View

The Account View is accessible only by the It is used to set up and manage the company’s subscription and operating environment.



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    Account Holder

    The account holder is the user in charge of maintaining the companies SRM Account. They manage the company and subscription. They use SRM-Portal to perform their tasks.

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    Company Profile

    The company profile is used to identify your company to your Business Clients and when contacting

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    Incident Reporting

    Incident reporting is the documenting of incidents, and events, in the system that are either required by Customers or to provide information for decision support.

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    A manager is a user of SRM-Portal. They assist the account holder in managing and setting up the items required to run the companies operations.

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    Managing My Subscription

    Your subscription is how you get access to Security Risk Manager and the suite of products. It is based on your selected tier and additional resources you have set up.

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    The Newsfeed is where users can view all the incident reports and news reports that have been added to the system. Items in the newsfeed are filtered depending on the role of the user and the distribution setting of the report.

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    Personnel are individuals that belong to your company that you wish to log in and use one of the Security Risk Manager Applications:

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    Services are the tasks your company provides to allow it to run operationally. Currently the available services are:

    Users must be allocated the services that they can perform.

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    A Zone is an area added to the map to notify users of potential hazards that they need to be aware of.

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