The mobile application provides users with a convenient way to keep abreast of security updates in their regions to help them avoid high-risk areas and to request for emergency assistance from an approved list of security operators.

Users can report and share incidents such as robberies, car accidents and lost items. The shows these incidents, as well as information about important events collated from various sources, which can be viewed as a list or via a map. Users can see what is happening in real-time and view previous events. Specific information can be provided to users who are clients of security companies with regards to incidents occurring on their work sites.

Users can send out an emergency response request ( and have appropriate come to their aid. They are able to keep track of Responders' whereabouts during the process. Users can be confident knowing that the people coming to help them have been properly trained and equipped.

Users can use the app for quick sign-in during their site visit to ensure smooth quick access to the location.

SRM-Customer is one of a suite of tools which aims to keep people safe. Other tools on the Security Risk Manager (SRM) Platform include SRM-Sentry, SRM-Responder and SRM-Portal (mobile and web-based application).


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