SRM-Portal Components



The toolbar provides a location to easily switch between views, logout and access your user profile (


Views are Role locked. Only personnel of specific roles can access the views. The system is divided into the following views:



Panels are available in tabs to easily distinguish what time of item is shown in that panel.

The system is set up to use 4 types of panels:

  • List Panel

  • Detail Panel

  • Create and Edit Panel

  • Map Panel

List Panel

The list panel gives you a quick overview of the available items in the system. You can quickly at a glance identify the item you wish to work with.


Sometimes the lists contain too many items for you to find what you need. In this situation you can use the filtering and search to easily locate the item you want.

Adding Items

From the list view you can easily access the Create and Edit Panel to create a new item in the system.

Detail Panel

Selecting an item in a List Panel will open the Detail Panel for that item. Here you can get detailed information to assist you in making decisions and when available edit the item.

Additionally there may be Operational tasks that can be performed in the detail panel. e.g. Assign, Publish, Generate OTP. The operational tasks are specific to the item that is being displayed


Editing Items

Editing items is available predominantly in the and It is also available for on the

Selecting the edit button will open the Create and Edit Panel which will allow the users to modify the selected item.

Create and Edit Panel

The Create and Edit Panel is a pop-up panel that can be used to create or update an item and ensure it contains the correct information.

Each panel contains a list of fields that can be optional or mandatory (marked with '*') and will validate your input to ensure it is correct. On completion you can save the item.


Map Panel

The map panel provides you an easy way to locate tasks, sites, zones, personnel and events in your region.

It is powered by Google Maps and allows you to easily scroll and zoom to identify and find the items you are looking for.


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